Puget Sound has over 2,300 miles of coastline, with a seemingly endless array of spectacular beauty, but with a varied array of obstacles preventing people from enjoying the splendor of the bounteous beaches. With bluffs that sometimes tower over the water hundreds of feet, heavy vegetation and unstable soil conditions, access to the beach can often be quite problematic.

We embrace the challenge of a steep hillside, and take pride in our ability to securely plant a stout staircase on the steepest of slopes, offering safe passage to the waterfront. Our handsome stair structures not only facilitate the enjoyment of your backyard, but can substantially enhance the value of your waterfront property.
We typically drive galvanized steel pipe piling into the hillside to anchor the stair structure, which support pressure-treated 4×12 stringers. Landings are decked with composite materials, and railings can be any of a number of configurations, based on your preference.

Give us a call, so we can help get you safely down to your beach!