In the interest of protecting our beautiful coastlines and rich marine environment and ecosystems, a myriad of government agencies have created a procedural labyrinth through which one needs to pass in order to legally build on the waterfront. Moderately difficult, but not impossible, this is a process with which we can offer experience and expertise.

In general, it is far easier to replace an existing structure than build a new one, and the constraints imposed by the various agencies pretty much dictate the configuration and location of the dock. On the salt water, this means a fixed pier from the shore, mounted on galvanized steel piling, aluminum ramp attached to the pier and landing on a float.

Our structures are comprised of ACZA-treated timbers, Port Orford cedar glue-laminated beams, and/or aluminum, depending on the owner’s preferences. Decking materials must incorporate sufficient grating to accommodate Fish and Wildlife’s open area requirements. The entire structure is built to endure the rigors of the harsh environment of the Sound.

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